Floral Pants. Hot or not?


September 9, 2012 by sorochiana

Ok so I’ve noticed the trend for floral pants, and I can’t figure out if I like it or not. So here’s what I’ve come up with so far. 


  • Spice any outfit up
  • Come in most colors
  • Make outfits look more formal (usually)


  • Can be very busy
  • If you don’t where them right they can look really bad
  • Look bad if you have fatter legs

So in the end, I’ve decided that I do like them. The other day I went out and bought a pair like this http://store.delias.com/product/vintage+floral+skinny+jean+305697.do?cmpid=22491S452119160&cseid=22491S452119160 I haven’t really worn them to much yet but so far I’ve found some cute outfits to include them in.

What do you think?

~Ana Soro


2 thoughts on “Floral Pants. Hot or not?

  1. I think floral jeans are pretty hot! Of course, for money reasons, I like to get mine in more of a subtle print (which makes it easy to not suffer from your first 2 cons). They’re great for lazy days when you want to wear an oversized sweater and some sneakers because you’re too lazy to put actual effort into your outfit, but still want people to think you put actual effort into your outfit.

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