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November 4, 2012 by sorochiana

I’m going to do a small Q&A series! I hope y’all like it!


Q: How to  wear a green scarf?


A: Fashion is a pretty opinionated topic so the following tips are just my ideas!!

  • When ever you wear green make sure there is a pop of color somewhere in the outfit. Reds and oranges usually work really well.
  • Scarves pretty much call for a laid back outfit. I almost always wear them with an over-sized sweater or a slouchy T-Shirt.
  • Neutral colors like white and beige usually harmonize with green really well!

Here is an affordable outfit to wear with a green scarf!! 🙂

The scarf:  Here is the link if you want to buy it http://www.modcloth.com/shop/scarves/crinkle-in-time-scarf-in-evergreen?utm_source=affiliateprogram_cj&utm_medium=ad&utm_campaign=affiliate&utm_medium=CJaffiliate&cj_webid=2687457&cj_affname=Polyvore&cj_affid=2205077&cj_linkd=10632182&utm_campaign=CJ&utm_source=CJ&cj_sid=214f0ab0bcb441049a56f9f7edab45d9

Crinkle in Time Scarf in Evergreen



The outfit:

The shirt: Just click on the shirt and the website should pop up!

White Round Neck Long Sleeve Back Split Blouse


The Pants:

MANGO Slim Jeans


The Accessory:

Paula's Blue Peacock Feather Printed Earrings


The Shoes:

Any pair of boots would be perfect w/this outfit! Personally, I would wear UGGs or Bearpaws but it is up to you!


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